JavaScript Course for Beginners 2020 – Learn JavaScript from Scratch!

Free JavaScript Introduction for Beginners: Get Started with JavaScript and learn the basics to build your own web apps!

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Getting Started 00:00
What is JavaScript 01:50
How Dynamic Webpages Work 05:34
How JavaScript is Executed 14:31
Dynamic vs Weakly Typed 17:44
JavaScript Runs is a Host Environment 21:08
Course Outline 25:48
How to Get the Most Out of the Course 31:48
Java vs JavaScript 34:24
Looking at JavaScripts History 38:26
Setting up the Development Environment 44:29
Module Introduction 0:55:48
Project Setup 0:57:05
Adding JavaScript to the Website 1:01:30
Introduction to Variables and Constants 1:08:12
Declaring and Defining Variables 1:13:29
Working with Variables and Operators 1:20:42
What does outputresult do? 1:26:59
Number and String Data Types 1:28:26
Using Constants 1:34:26
More on Strings 1:39:35
Introducing Functions 1:55:25
Adding a Custom Function 2:01:15
Returning Values in a Function 2:12:37
Exploring the Importance of Code Order 2:17:08
Basic Intro to Global and Local Scope 2:21:42
Information About the return Statement 2:27:13
Executing Functions Indirectly 2:29:37
Type Conversion 2:40:47
Splitting Code and Functions 2:47:01
Connecting All Buttons 2:52:50
Adding Comments 3:00:33
More Operators 3:04:42
More Core Data Types 3:11:21
Arrays 3:15:52
Objects 3:24:45
Accessing Object Data 3:30:50
Adding a Reusable Function that Uses Objects 3:33:41
Undefind, Null, NaN 3:39:05
TypeOf 3:45:25
Script Tags, Defer, Async 3:48:36
Wrap Up 4:03:13
Module Introduction 4:05:33
Overview of an Efficient Development Workflow 4:07:01
The IDE Look and Feel 4:10:19
Use Shortcuts 4:12:44
Auto Completion and Hints 4:16:56
Extensions 4:21:30
Working with Editor Settings 4:23:34
Using Different Editor Views 4:25:54
Find Help – Overview and MDN 4:27:35
Google Correctly 4:33:28
Debugging Overview 4:35:12
Working with Error Messages 4:38:29
console.log – Debugging Logical Errors 4:43:15
Chrome Devtools and Breakpoints 4:47:04
Testing Code Changes in Devtools 4:55:24
Debugging vs Visual Studio Code 4:57:29
Wrap Up 5:02:24


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38 thoughts on “JavaScript Course for Beginners 2020 – Learn JavaScript from Scratch!

  1. Well organized straightforward, tons of information, you're a legend
    spent lots of hours searching for meaningful and organized Tutos, until I find you
    Thank you for everything.

  2. Is this course only upto beginner level? or upto Intermediate level? Will this be enough to apply for front-end developer intern/job as I already know HTML, CSS and MySQL?

  3. I have been trying to study js but the type of content you provide is nowhere to be seen. Most of the courses online start with documentation first but you made it easy to understand by working on a project.

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