Java Programming Tutorial – 3 – Downloading Eclipse

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22 thoughts on “Java Programming Tutorial – 3 – Downloading Eclipse

  1. If you get the error "unnamed package not allowed in module", it's because you apparently can't use the default package in Eclipse.

    So when you right-click on src, New->Package (and give the package a name). Then right click on the package and do New->Class and continue from there.

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  4. My best tip for people who are learning to code from scratch:

    Instead of using Eclipse, start with jGRASP and never copy code while you are learning the basics. Why?

    Because jGraps dont have helping tools or shortcuts like Eclipse or likewise. Along with never copying code, means you will learn Java by hard coding everything by hand.

    Discere Faciendo – Learning by doing.

    Happy coding! //2020

  5. when I run,I find something wrong.because I use version14.then I find the problem.tell you,good guys.File–new a Java project—next—then you will see "create module-info.Java file"(it auto choose this,you don't choose,then finish,you will success!good luck !)

  6. I am facing some problems. In the tutorial, there was a thing like JRE system library which is not in my eclipse also when I try to compile the code it's giving error message like it can find my class. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  7. Is programming in NetBeans similar to this??? because eclipse is not getting installed in my PC so i wanted to know that weather there's a difference or not …. if anyone reads this then please respond

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