Java GUI Tutorial – Make a GUI in 13 Minutes

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This is a REAL project from Princeton!

An easy way to make a GUI (Graphical User Interface) in java is with swing. Swing is outdated, but a good way to start learning. Swing has code that lets us call methods with GUI objects to make our own GUI.

I hope this helps you make your first java gui 🙂 This is GREAT practice for getting your feet wet making a GUI!

I hope you enjoyed java gui tutorial! –

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Alex Lee

35 thoughts on “Java GUI Tutorial – Make a GUI in 13 Minutes

  1. Hi! I am new to Programming. Is there anyone who can explain what GUI is for? From what I have seen from this video, I assume that is one of ways to make websites I guess… and I just realized how well known websites could have millions of codes to express themselves. SMH…

  2. he makes some of the worst videos he just assumes that his viewers know the stuff already , but they don't i just wasted my time learned just to copy and type and become angary

  3. Hello please i need your help: i am using netbeans: an admin logs in admin area and uses an event listener to set one of 2 panels: button notax sets notax panel and turns disabled or button withtax sets withtax panel and turns disabled. Upon logout no problem. But I need that when i close the app with system 0 exit or whatever method (it's a button) that when i run the program again, i get the admin panel setting displayed back, do you know please then how i can keep the same frame state after closing/reopening: when i use "new frame set visible true" in the main args, it resets and the panel doesn't appear again unless the admin selects it again. An if statement didn't work no matter regular or with egetsource(), do you have please an idea about how i can solve the problem? thanks a lot in advance.

  4. Nice work you had to add private JFrame frame;
    and others
    at first then explaining them one by one it would be much better

    anyway I got great idea from your tutorial it helps me to do something good 🌺🌺🌺😍

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