50 thoughts on “Java Generics Tutorial

  1. What is the difference between
    NumericFns<Integer> iob = new NumericFnx<Integer>();
    NumericFns<Integer> iob = new NumericFnx<>();
    NumericFns<> iob = new NumericFnx<Integer>();

    Thanks in advance

  2. we did really find it east after the video, and i was like you said scared of <> and ? before :P, i follow your channel you deserve it, very clear and useful information i like your channel

  3. Lounge Coding! I really liked the theme. A new touch to coding tutorials. I am your fan now. You rock! Oh! And the stuff that you covered in this tutorial is of great value. You explained it easily and flawlessly.

  4. I just watched 9 hours of online classes from my teacher on generics and I understood nothing. Less than nothing. 10 minutes of you and everything is clear it's super easy actually.

  5. Can't you do the same with Object though? And instead of using T num, just use Number num; I am having trouble understanding why one is used over the other when you can do the same with Object. I know when you use objects you have to cast it to the specific type but that's not a big deal.

  6. Ah, another example of my previous compsci professors failing to teach something fairly straightforward… facepalm

    You, on the other hand, taught it in such a practical and applicable manner: Discuss a simple problem and then propose a solution (and actually working through the example)
    Super easy to remember too. Great video!

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