Java ExecutorService – Part 1

The Java ExecutorService interface, java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService, represents an asynchronous execution mechanism, essentially a thread pool, which is capable of executing tasks concurrently in the background. In this Java ExecutorService tutorial I explore how to create an ExecutorService instance, what methods it has, how to shut it down etc.

0:00 Java ExecutorService introduction
0:28 Java ExecutorService example
4:02 Java ExecutorService implementations
5:46 Java ThreadPoolExecutor constructor explained
8:16 Java ExecutorService methods
9:36 Java ExecutorService submit(Runnable) method
12:12 Java ExecutorService submit(Callable) method
14:23 How a Future object is connected to a task
15:23 Java ExecutorService invokeAny() method
18:10 Java ExecutorService invokeAll() method

Java ExecutorService – Part 2

Java ExecutorService – Text:

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7 thoughts on “Java ExecutorService – Part 1

  1. Thanks a lot for these videos. I am programming few years in Java but there is always something new I learn from your videos or from your web site. You definitely deserve more subscribers. Just an advice, maybe instead of old way anonymous classes you could use lambdas. But anyway good job and keep doing!

  2. Sir , Can you please make a video or 2 on deadlock situation in multithreading and how to handle them in java ? Your videos are very helpful.I understand multithreading well by watching your videos

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