Is PHP still relevant?

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— Is PHP still relevant? —
In this video I’m giving a run down of the latest with PHP programming.

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24 thoughts on “Is PHP still relevant?

  1. Nice analysis, don't know if knowing PHP is a good skill for getting employed but it does provide important knowledge not that Perl doesn't. After listening to that long Rasmus talk it seems PHP got it right but Perl no. Impressed with Rasmus Lerdorf's knowledge, humility, and humanity. I agree with Vjori Hoxha.

  2. Lol PHP is like email, never going to die. It'll be 3030 and people will still be titling their vids "Is php still relevant in 3030?" Then they will begin to waffle on and on about the security concerns and every other complaint that's been launched at the language since conception

  3. I use php since the 90's. Built a lot of web apps around it, and they still all run like a charm. When it's good, don't change it 😉

  4. PHP is relevant, but will it get you a job? It "can," but not necessarily in the conventional manner. Most of the available positions are not promoted through the most popular channels. It will definitely get you a project and some income. I think PHP gives web developers a sort of freedom from the "establishment," in the same way JavaScript used to on the client side. I believe the rise in cloud platforms has caused more small business and independents to use more enterprise-oriented technology.

  5. Half of the video was about PHP history. It's history. You can make it about JS too, which was creat the same- by one person in 1996.

    Another half is about people using other languages than PHP. So what? 300 CVs for JS internship is the norm. It is not about how many jobs there are. It's about jobs divide by job applicants.

    Indeed show you that there is 800% increase, and you are saying that seniors take juniors jobs? So why there is +1k senior offers (and 4k mid offers)? The whole video is big *confirmation bias*.

  6. Because most of commentator in here are php dev so no wonder they defend their programming language even is has inconsistent and horrible thing on it. PHP is just product of trend on the past, and when other language replace its place, php dev yelling "is only trend, not follow it", is sooo ironic.

  7. hmm, well WordPRess runs 1/3 of all websites on the Internet and is written in PHP
    Almost every hosting company uses WHMCS as their billing system, which is written in PHP
    Pretty much all the most popular and widely used web apps are written in PHP.
    So i'd say it is a very silly question.

  8. The ignorance is strong with this one…PHP is relevant because it doesn't get in your way. I've been doing software ENGINEERING since the 1980s. C++ before it was even officially adopted. Myriad class libraries over the years. Macintosh. Windows. Linux. Java. iOS, Android, etc. ad nauseam. 
    PHP is an actual LANGUAGE not a "do things this way or die" kind of thing. NodeJS is horrific – it's forcing a language to do something it was not intended to do.
    In my opinion, using GITHUB as your "evidence" that PHP is "dying" because the amount of activity of javascript ( particularly ) and python vs PHP is because NODE and javascript are constantly being CHURNED. And, do you mix-in the client-side vs server-side? ( answer: YES, you didn't differentiate as PHP is STRICTLY server-side, whereas javascript is also on client-side, where the churn is even more pronounced )
    How many actual operators and magic things added between ECMA 4 and 6? Promises ( which are a lame attempt at true asynchronous / multitasking which javascript BY DESIGN can't do properly ). Then arrow functions – why? waterfall, parallel, etc.. Webpack – mostly to get the gigantic client-side class libraries to be "uglified and minified" not to mention ridiculous transpilers such as TypeScript and Coffeescript and so-on. The whole arena is loaded with one fad after another after another. 
    We just switched-out a node+express+ angular2+ over to php. The code is 1/20th the size, runs 10x as fast, uses 1/10th the memory and 1/8th the CPU of the nodejs. SEO is improved because the crawlers don't have to wait for the client-side class libraries to populate everything.
    In a nutshell – PHP doesn't get in your way.
    PS( I know and use AngularJS, Angular2+, VueJS, React+Redux, node+express, and ( god-forbid ) ColdFusion. PHP, in the right hands, is the best and fastest way to ship )

  9. So let’s reverse this video argument as a thought experiment.

    should you use python? Well I used it along time ago did not like it. Present statistics that don’t favor the language. So maybe learn something else. Oh and also learn how to code php with my video course.

  10. IMO you missed an important point though: PHP is stateless by nature. Its architecture is built around handling a single HTTP request, dumping HTML, and exiting. This is extremely useful, because it means 1/ no state is shared between requests, so it's impossible to have one request crash the server, or have side-effects between in-memory variables across requests, 2/ it's extremely easy to scale: because you don't share anything between requests, horizontal scaling is very easy, you just add resources, whereas in languages where the daemon is embedded into the language, you need to be careful in your whole application not to store anything in-memory, and finally 3/ it's much much easier to learn than other programming languages because the scope of your script is much more reduced: you only need to focus on a single request algorithm and let PHP handle the rest.

    These features of PHP are native, because it's the model it has been created on, and they are the reason why it's so ubiquitous. It allowed shared hosting (= cheap hosting), it's a model very well suited to Lambda functions, … I really think that until another technology propose these same features, PHP isn't going anywhere

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