Is it worth learning or is PHP dead in 2021??? Future of PHP in 2021

In this video, I will explain to you about the Future of PHP in 2021. Is it worth learning or is PHP dead?

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I am a Digital Marketer by passion and a Developer by profession. With experience and expertise spanning around 10 years, in the Digital space.

Good amount of experience in development of web applications using PHP, .Net, JavaScript Library’s, Frameworks, CMS, API’s, Reporting tools and Payment Gateways. Skilled in digital viral marketing, technology innovation’s, brand building and all phases of the Web development lifecycle with an expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions and fanatical about quality, usability, security, and scalability. Dealing with and resolving problems and issues which arise.

42 thoughts on “Is it worth learning or is PHP dead in 2021??? Future of PHP in 2021

  1. Some people want to eastablish nodejs and they are spreading the propaganda that php is dead, but reality is different, still php is in demand than other backend language, wordpress is awesome for easy going use, more over php released version 8 that is so much fast, laravel 8 is already released and I feel it’s a real framework that knows the developer's necessity.

  2. Absolutely correct sir. Any language never dead, because there always a logic remains, many people says C dead, C++ dead etc. etc. but still now in making of mobile gaming, lots of C and C++ still using. So, no matter what will happen, I will continue my learning journey in php and of course in other languages too. Thank You 😊 Sir.

  3. Sir g , actually saari MNC mey java .net use hota hai.. aur waha sallary jyada milti hai aur hike as compared to php jyada hoti hai.. mera personal experience yeh kehta hai ki php kewal kuch hi MNC mey use hota hoga par jyada tar java

  4. I am a Php developer , but I am working with Php framework + Azure devops .. as well with rhel server …
    I came in new project with Php background and Later on I involved in several technologies like Python, Node, Angular, azure, automation .So yes technilogies and logics matter … what ever technologies you working on.

  5. I am an PHP developer. And whether it's PHP or whatever, a language rises or falls not because of that language itself but due to its frameworks and other aspects, which is developed on that language . I will say PHP is still popular and will remain as long as it's framework like laravel or CMS like WordPress serving the needed work.

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