6 thoughts on “Installing Perl with Debugger in Intellij IDEA

  1. Hi bro I used this perl debugger to debug remote docker application, the debugger is connected to application yet I can't find any breakpoint hit… I checked with the source path and it is to the root of perl project directory. Perl is developed using Catalyst framework

  2. Thanks a bunch. Helpful to see perl 5.18+ can be debugged with GUI. I thought PERL 5 is DEAD or DYING. You brought it ALIVE REJUVENATING IT. Do a tutorial on MOO debugging. with some objects / class and inheritance. you will get a LOT of HITS. WOW.. this is GOOOOD re- birth for PERL die hards, with IntelliJ-student (free )edition and your tutorial on LIVE debugging. KUDOS. Keep it up.
    Normally I don't subscribe. Your efforts made me subscribe.

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