I Built a Home Server Rack! (And How You Can Too)

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34 thoughts on “I Built a Home Server Rack! (And How You Can Too)

  1. 1 year old video, I know, but you already broke server rack rule #1 lol. Always full the rack from the bottom up, not top down, and keep the heaviest stuff down low! 😁

  2. PDU should be on the back and bottom, power ran to left, data on the right (can flip this) point is to keep data and power as far apart as possible. I know it's a home lab, but still good practice to do things right. So every network engineer doesn't facepalm cringe when they see it. 😀 But for a rookie, good job you made it functional. With a little work, you could really make that setup look professional.

  3. Good setup.
    A lot of pointers though.
    management, pdu's, pds panels are placed a little funny.
    But everyone gotta start somewhere 🙂

    I work in a data-center btw :d

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