How to Setup Valheim Dedicated Server – Windows

In this video I go over how to setup a Valheim Dedicated Server on Windows. This is part 1 of 2 videos where I go over how to setup a Valheim server.

I forgot to mention the guides I reference for this video. Please check them out for additional information. These are what I used to get started.

SteamCMD Setup

Valheim Dedicated Server

SteamCMD Commands:
login anonymous
force_install_dir C:”path to directory if desired”
app_update 896660 validate

Intro: :0:06
Download/Install SteamCMD: 0:48
Installing Valheim in SteamCMD: 3:03
Editing Batch File: 5:18
Running Server: 8:00
Port Forwarding: 8:36
Connecting to Server 10:20
Outro: 13:06

38 thoughts on “How to Setup Valheim Dedicated Server – Windows

  1. my ipv4 address is a 192.168 address. Pretty sure this is why I can't get this to work. That can't be my public IP right? When I go to whatismy ip sight its different but all the devices on my network have the same IP, its the same IP my router advises to use as a WAN for DMZ.

  2. Noice! And just a quick question: is the any benefits from using Windows Server? This is not the type of information I can find :/ nonetheless, I'll go with standard user windows for now. thx for the video!

  3. So, I tried this and I think I got it all set up correctly. I can log into the server myself, as well as my GF on her PC, but when I shared the information with a friend of mine outside the house they said all they can see is that the server isn't responding and aren't able to log into it. Any clues how I can fix this?

  4. So this will be my first time trying to set up a dedicated server, I have a few questions and would appreciate anyone answering.
    Does your machine have to be running all the time for anyone else to be able to play, how much ram is dedicated to it(referencing hosting sites that claim (x) amount is used) also security wise, safe, or potential hazard?

  5. All tutorials have been similar to this however this has been the only one that points out that you may not see your server if connected on the same PC. THIS WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY!! Thank you very much for pointing that out.

  6. Can I just leave the command prompt running so other players can play on my dedicated server or does the game have to be running at all times? It defeats the purpose of having a dedicated server if other players can't play on it without you.

  7. I couldn't get my server to show up at all even after port forwarding in my router and then I read an article saying to port forward in in Windows Firewall on the dedicated PC as well. After that everything worked fine. Win+R and type in wf.msc and create the inbound rule for the same ranges. You will have to do it twice for UDP and TCP. Hope this helps.

  8. i dont get it. i followed every tut. every step online. ii even went out and bought a new router… i cannot get my server to work for other ppl. it only works locally. BUT a friend of mine downloaded steamCMD and set up a server in less than 5 minutes! and I was able to connect without any issues…

    you say take your word for it but no, nobody can see my netowrk from the outside. 3 ppl have tried and it will not show up.

    super sad face

  9. Hi Toasty, this, and the Linux video are great. I got the Windows box to work first time. Question for you or anyone that can help….
    Whats the best way to add a second server in Windows? Do i create a second start_headless_server.bat or the folder or what? The port range is all good to go (2456-2459)

  10. Thank you so much this is the best tutorial i am trying to set one up…can you do a video to show how to install SKtoolbox on the server?for valhiem?

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