20 thoughts on “How to setup Dayz dedicated server 2019 – Part 1

  1. I love how you try really hard to make it seem simple, but then you use pfsense (which is for gurus only) and you navigate really fast. I feel bad for the people who are new to this lmao. Great tutorial anyway tho

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  3. you should be more specific about explaining things correctly, most of the time I not sure if you are saying (You must do or you have to do) I totally lost on this video, i did everything and nothing worked at the end

  4. now is this on a regular windows 10 or are you using a windows server 2016-2019? and if this in on a windows server can you still play games on that kind of program?

  5. Hi, this is really helpful. I'm looking to try this.
    I currently have two PC's. If I wanted to use one for playing and the second one to host the server, would I need a seperate steam account and copy of the game?

  6. Dear Nixon, greetings! I've purchased DayZ and DLC Livonia and I want to create my own server. I didn't find in my Library the DayZ Server as you shown here in your video. The TOOLS option is not displayed too. Can you help me with this please ?

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