How to setup Counter-Strike: Source Dedicated Server (2019)

This video was made to update the tutorials on YouTube about setting up srcds.exe
Although there are little-to-no difference, making this video would probably help other people who seek for latest updates rather than having obsolete ones.

Commands (In order):
1. cmd
2. cls (This is use to clear lots of text in the command prompt, this is optional.)
3. steamcmd
4. login anonymous
5. app_update 232330 validate
6. cmd
7. srcds.exe -game cstrike -console or srcds.exe -game cstrike

Note: Don’t close srcds.exe if you want to connect to your own server. Tihs method works for all version of Counter-Strike: Source Non-Steam and Steam version (just be sure it’s updated). Also, backup the source dedicated server folder before installing any mods.

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26 thoughts on “How to setup Counter-Strike: Source Dedicated Server (2019)

  1. UPDATE! MARCH-30-2020
    So, again there have been some issue regarding setting up INTERNET SERVER.
    Mainly it is "Connection failed after 4 tries…"
    Basically, the issue here is that the port you are using (port 27015) is close on your IP Server.
    So to fix that you basically need to go to your router settings > port forward and enable the port there.
    Port forward settings depends on your router so just fill some info there.

    To check if your port is working and accessible go to: and specify port 27015

    Afterwards , launch srcds. use this following parameter:
    srcds.exe -game cstrike -autoupdate -port 27015 -secure -tickrate 100 +map de_dust +sv_lan 0 +maxplayers 32

    Lastly, if your friend or anyone wants to connect to your server then give them your IP Address and port
    and then let them open their counter-strike source game and then open console and type:
    connect IpAddress:Port (for example: connect

    Note: If your port isn't accessible , it is most likely blocked by your ISP. Contact them for enabling your port.

    You can use this guide:

    To solve issues more dynamically head on to my comment-thread:

    This is my Counter-Strike: Source Server Launcher please check it out 🙂
    Download Counter-Strike: Source Server Launcher here:

  2. hey,i wanna ask,can we launch steamcmd.exe without using powershell,because somehow im stuck and steamcmd command,its says that "the term steamcmd is not recorganized as the name of cmdlet".any tips?

  3. If you're planning play with your friends this quarantine, do these steps:

    1. Download Hamachi
    Here is the link >
    2. Turn it on then make your own network
    Go to "Network" tab then click "Create a new network"
    3. Make sure that your friends should join your network. Tell them to go to "Network" tab, click "Join existing Network" (give your Network ID and password)
    4. You can see the "Turn On/Off" icon at the top left. At the right side of it you can see your IP address, simply right click over there and then click "Copy Ipv4 address"
    5. Run the game, start the console, type "connect (your IP:your port)

  4. it works thanks! I and my friends already played cs 1.6 and made our own dedicated server so this is not new, thanks! Be sure to to check his update if you're to planning to play with your friends this quarantine!

    You're the best dudeee

  5. Um man could you help here. I am getting this weird error when joining my server. As soon as I enter i don't get any prompt to enter my password and instead show this message "Bad password". Any ideas?

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