How To: Setup any Steam Game Dedicated Server (Port Forwarding) (2020)

This is how to set up a dedicated server for any steam game that supports them (e.g. Garry’s Mod, Counter-Strike, Rust).

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Commentator: Sam A.K.A FazeD
Editor: James A.K.A Dilusionz

28 thoughts on “How To: Setup any Steam Game Dedicated Server (Port Forwarding) (2020)

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  2. I have a question sr., I have problems with many games, World at Warships and Shogun 2 (Steam), for example, both game freezing after 20 minutes and all drives are actualized. How can I know if this is the solution, I mean if the problem is the connection… Thanks!

  3. Doesn't work. I don't have an option to choose Garry's Mod or put in a IP Address. I can't specify what my port forwarding is actually port forwarding for some reason.

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