How To Setup A Dedicated Server Locally | Unreal Engine

This is a crucial step in setting up servers for YOUR unreal engine game! I hope you enjoy!
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14 thoughts on “How To Setup A Dedicated Server Locally | Unreal Engine

  1. This is almost perfect.. apart from the entire building of the Server binary, you do not want to do that this way for multiple reasons.

    So the server "package" is created the same way your "Client" package is created, you just select a different Build Target. It is under File -> Package project -> Build Target and after selecting Server you click the build again just like you did for the Client build.

    The main reason why you want to do this is probably the size of the package. The dedicated server tends to be way smaller than the client(does not need all the textures, audio and stuff for example.
    For comparison my project Client size is 6.7G, the Server size is 1.8G(yeah I know I need to cleanup) but you do not want to be distributing the unneeded assets to the server.

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