How to set up VS Code for C++ and make your First Program? + How I use AI to help me code faster

This video explains how to set up and use VS Code for C++ and how to make your first program. In the video I use AI to help me code faster and make fewer errors. The AI code completion tool that I use is called Tabnine, and you can get it for FREE here:

00:00 – Intro
01:19 – VS Code vs Visual Studio
01:45 – The AI code completion tool I use to code faster
02:56 – How to setup VS Code for C++ programs
07:39 – How to install the AI code completion tool
08:48 – Make your first C++ program using VS Code
11:37 – Compile and run your first C++ program using VS Code
12:57 – How I use AI to help me code faster

You can get the MinGW compiler for FREE here:

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47 thoughts on “How to set up VS Code for C++ and make your First Program? + How I use AI to help me code faster

  1. I´m having some troubles with the execution of my programs . MinGW is installed correctly (I can type g++ –version and gdb –version and i don´t get any error) and i can compile my programs with the option "run build taks" in Visual Studio. The .exe file is also created but when I try to execute it I get a pop up window with an error saying that that file cannot be executed because it´s not compatible with 64 architecture.

    My computer has a 64 architecture and I followed all the steps as i mentioned before. The weird part of this is that if I compile my programs directly in the terminal with g++ -o, then I can execute them without any problems.

    Can anybody help me??

  2. Hello,

    I have a small problem. What is the difference between the command line and Windows Power Shell ?

    In the commandline the programs runs, but in the PowerShell I have errors…

  3. I have a bit of a problem. Everything seems to be working fine but for some reason Tabnine gives me no suggestions or auto completion. I already checked and it is NOT disabled

  4. to compile C C++ python I think code runner ext is the best. you have an arrow directly in the main window. compiling and running at once…and there is an autosave option in vs code. very usefull so all done in 1 click with code runner

  5. Hi Saldina!! I was one of the people who asked you for this information and thank you so much for delivering!! Two quick questions: 1) can you use Tabnine in Visual Studio? I also have a student license. If not, is there an equivalent?, and 2) your videos also show that your code is auto-formatted with the appropriate spacing, indents, etc. after you type. What extension do you use for that? THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Hi! I'm 63 years old and I'm learning C++ using your videos. Thanks!! In the video about recursion I didn't understood where the addition result was stored. To me, looks like that the variable m is holding two values, the total and the index. Is that possible? thanks for the amazing contents of your videos!

  7. Saldina could you help me please? I've done all the steps that you told, but when I click on "Run Build Task ", I recieve a mensage: "No build task to run found. Configure build task…".

  8. Hi
    Do you use C++ in your work as well?
    If yes in what kind of projects?
    Could you show some example of your project that you have worked on with C++?

  9. I haven't yet tried installing it, but if it works I'm gonna be extremely, incredibly, profoundly very very very HAPPY!!!😭😭😭😭😭 Those are tears of Happiness!! The very thought of installing vs code earlier use to scare me because of the insanely difficult procedure and always drove me mad!! But this video is soooooo simple!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!

  10. Hi thanks for al of your hard work on the vids. You are a good teacher and very thorough. Here are some topics I am hoping you can cover one day in one or maybe more vids:

    1) Advantages / Disadvantages of using an IDE vs connecting together different apps to do the same thing.
    2) how much will a new programmer need to know the terminal in either windows or Mac when on the job or in general.
    3) this is a big one: I have a Mac so I use XCode a lot. However I can not find a good and complete set of videos on how to use all or most of the components of XCode for C++. There are a couple of individual vids here and there that cover XCode overview, for beginners like a quick tour of the interface. But not videos on more detailed features to be used while programming complex applications.
    4) A vid on how to link together multiple .cpp files. I know you already mentioned linking together files in terms of having 1 .cpp file with main function, and 1 cpp file to store function executions, and 1 last one for the function parameters… then linking that back to the main.cpp. But how do I link multiple files together which are more than just made up of functions? Like what about files which have multiple and various objects in them… linked back to main.cpp? And how can this be done in XCode where multiple files can refer to the same .exe.

    Any help on this would be great… and thanks again.

  11. Great tutorial.
    Instead of installing MinGW directly you should try MSYS2 as well. It has MinGW, and It's easier to get an extra library from net, for example if you need boost and SFML, just type in MSYS2 terminal simple command: "pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-boost mingw-w64-x86_64-sfml". Pacman will install it, and they will be ready to use by MSYS2 GCC toolchain.

  12. i'm 25 and i already lost my hair. smoking one box cigarette and drinking beer everynight and i eat everything i found so 50 years license would be very enough for me xP

  13. Hey codebeauty great video as usual! Question: When you go to "terminal –> run build task" how does VS Code already know about g++ etc? Mine doesn't show anything. It requires me to a build task through a json file even though I have installed MinGW and put it successfully in the path.

  14. [Done] exited with code=1 in 0.117 seconds

    [Running] cd "c:UsersacerDesktop" && g++ hello.cpp -o hello && "c:UsersacerDesktop"hello

    g++: error: hello.cpp: No such file or directory

    g++: fatal error: no input files

    compilation terminated.

    [Done] exited with code=1 in 0.076 seconds
    my program shows this when i try to run it …help me

  15. Hello Saldina. Thanks for another amazing tutorial. Could you make another video explaining how to setup Visual Studio, create a project and a solution if you already have the source code (given to you from someone else, for example), and run it? I always have a hard time doing that. Another great tutorial would be one on CMake, in my opinion. Thanks again for the tremendous contribution you are making to the programming community

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