How To Set Up A Dedicated Server – CS:GO Server Tutorial

Fixed link to SteamCMD:

commands to run(without quote’s):
‘login anonymous’, ‘force_install_dir c:server’scsgo’, ‘app_update 740 validate’.

ports to forward(required):
27015 tpc/udp
27020 udp
27005 udp
51840 udp

put this in your start.bat file:
srcds -game csgo -console -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 1 +map de_dust2

Your public ip:

This is a re-upload of my first video. In the original my IP was showing so I had to edit it out. Thanks to Jefferson Davis for letting me know!
I thought I should make this tutorial because I could never figure out how to make a server on my own and wasted a lot of time on figuring it out. I hope you guys will find this helpful!

35 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Dedicated Server – CS:GO Server Tutorial

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  2. I have the server running, and can connect to it on lan. I just cant reach it outside of my network. I know everyone will just say portforward, but I already did it correctly, and I even stopped anti-viruses and the firewall to try it.

  3. Ok so first off, i subscribe some other workshop map (example: Ze_Idk) once it finished i launched or played it and i tried to play other workshop maps and it said "Failed to Dedicated Server" (yeah some others are forgot) can you help me?

  4. everything works fine for me except when I leave the server and then try and rejoin, the server/srcds crashes and I get the error message "Missing shutdown function for Sys_InitAuthentication". Anyone have fix?

  5. How to fix failed to find dedicated server in csgo?
    Coz i cant play in De Inferno and De Nuke. Everytime i try to play there it said Failed to find dedicated server. Help me please.

  6. i whant it to be like a ranking system that you spawn in a lobby and then like on a wall it will be ranks silver gold nova masterguardian le and lem supreme and global so for example if you shoot the silver it will come up silver1 silver2 silver3 silver 4 silver elite and silver elite master, and if you are silver3 shoot the silver3 and you will queue up with others silver3s and if you win 5 games in a row with atleast 10 kills you will meet silver4s and if you are like a smurf and get over 40 kills in 1 match you rankup too higher rank.

    this is probably not possible in the steamcmd though 😛 but if you can pls help i think that would have been very cool. and sorry if my grammar and if i misspelled alot im swedish 😛

  7. Protip: Instead of connecting via the console command you can Browse Community Servers -> Favorites -> Add server to favorites -> Enter IP adress -> Search for games -> Add server to favorites. Now you will be able to find your friends server in the future without asking for the IP, and it will be easier to type in the password if the server is protected.

  8. How can I change the map to a workshop one? I have made maps and want to host them so that ppl can playtest it and give their opinion. I have tried changing "dust2" to the maps name, but it just said that it could not locate it in the maps folder, altho both the .bsp and .nav files are there. Can you pls help?

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