How to Point Domain Name to Another Hosting (NameCheap to GoDaddy / HostPapa)

I’ll show you how to change a domain name server in Namecheap to point your domain to another hosting provider. Go to Namecheap 👉

I will use Godaddy & HostPapa as examples. But the process is the same on any other hosting provider.

Please note that we are not transferring the domain, we are just pointing it to the external hosting provider by changing nameservers.

The process for this is a bit backward.
1. We are going to first create a new addon domain in your hostings cPanel, this is actually just a placeholder and it won’t work until you point the nameservers from NameCheap to it.

2. Then, we will check the nameserver name on your hosting

3. and only then we will update nameservers in NameCheap

4. Lastly, I’ll show you how to add a bit of HTML so you can see if your nameservers are correctly configured

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26 thoughts on “How to Point Domain Name to Another Hosting (NameCheap to GoDaddy / HostPapa)

  1. Hello sir, I want to ask one question that I purchased domain name from godaddy & want to host my website on & use cloudflare ssl, My domain name provider provides one IP which is different from IP provided by Hosting provider, also all three domain provider, hosting provider & clouldflare provide nameservers, so which name servers should point at what?? website is

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  3. Cause you answer me why my domain did not pop up in file manger? Public_html I pressed it
    But CGI-bin popped out underneath it .. that’s they only file that was done yesterday the same time I thought I was doing the transfer I’m so frustrated 🥴 … do you know what I did wrong ? The customer service from namecheap says the domain is on the go daddy server but when I watch your video the things aren’t matching up

  4. Dear, I bought a domain from Cloudflare they don't allow change name server then how to update my name server or how to connect my domain to hosting server without changing nameserver … is there any other way to connect domain with hosting server ??? please suggest me .. I'm in trouble

  5. I brought my domain from namecheap and updated the name servers. Said I needed to wait 48 hrs then at 1:56 I typed my domain name clicked add domain I got the error " You cannot park your name domain" any help?

  6. Thank you so much.. it was so helpful for me.. i was struggling with hosting in godaddy for long time.. with the help of your video i did it within 15 minutes.. thanks again.. and please keep posting useful solutions !!

  7. Very clear brother! That is what I need. I am trying to buy a domain from government domain provider service like ([countrycode] ). but my country is​ a Developing country I can not manage the domain or buy it on online system. I have to submit form to buy or change everything. In the application form required : Nameserver 1, Ip 1, Nameserver 2, Ip 2. Nameserver 1 and 2 I can find. But what is ip 1 and ip 2 ? I just have only one ip address of my hosting

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