How To Own Private DayZ Servers On Console Through Nitrado | Plus A Quick Basic Setup Guide

Learn how to own your very own Private DayZ Servers on Xbox or PS4 (console) through Nitrado. Plus I’ll walk you through a quick basic setup guide to get you started on the right foot. Nitrado offers high-end prepaid game servers worldwide with DDoS protection. With the amount of games they cover there really isn’t anyone else to go with for your private server needs.

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Day/Night Cycle Calculator:

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35 thoughts on “How To Own Private DayZ Servers On Console Through Nitrado | Plus A Quick Basic Setup Guide

  1. If you want a server just to pve there's community ones that's just for pve no need for your own unless you REALLY want your own server to make your own rules.

  2. How do you cancel a server tho? Like do i have to pay every month or can i take some time between months? Lets say i play dayz this month but in the summer i wont. So if i buy a server now, can i pause in the summertime?

  3. It has a little loading thing under web interface and I’m starting to suspect that I got scammed and I feel bad because I used my moms money and I’m starting to get mad also

  4. I can't get to that point because my account currently says I don't have anything rented. Which is stupid because I bought a server.

  5. Ive been trying to find anyone that can give me a comparison on nitrado vs fatality servers. Cause nitra is 13ish and fatality is 5 and some change. No one is talking about fatality though.

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