How To Make A Web Hosting Website With WordPress – WHMCS Tutorial

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Welcome! In this tutorial ill show you how to setup your own web hosting business with wordpress. In this video, youll learn how to properly setup and manage your own personal web hosting business to you can sell domains, hosting, and other services to your customers!

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the owner of namehero is going to help me in this tutorial to show you step by step on how to create your own web hosting business. It takes some time to setup WHMCS but than its all automated and you can have full control over your website!

Here are the FREE Layouts in this tutorial to help get you started! Make sure to checkout their other products, they are some of the best divi companies

DiviGear Layout:
Mark Hendrickson Layout:
Darrel Wilsons Layout:
Darrel Wilson Layout 2:

If you need a logo you can checkout fiverr
If you want to upgrade your whmcs lisense you can purchase an upgrade here:

The WHMCS is an automated platform that will setup your clients cpanel, they can immediately install WordPress and get to work without having you having to intervene! Everything is automated with WHMCS

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions on creating a web hosting business or questions with the whmcs tutorial feel free to drop them below!

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25 thoughts on “How To Make A Web Hosting Website With WordPress – WHMCS Tutorial

  1. I like the tutorial, but I can't help thinking maybe something has changed in a few years. When I install WHMCS I can log in, but if I click anything on the admin menu it asks me to log in again and then locks me out. LOL. It's more sensitive than my dog. But, it's a really good tutorial, I'm sure this is a glitch on my end.

  2. Good video… I am confused though! Making money each month does sound very good but on the NameHero website there is a big page about all the risks of people paying monthly and why NameHero charges yearly instead… but a small new hosting business is going to struggle to get people to pay a year up front for hosting… so most would want to offer smaller monthly fee to entice customers… but I'm now put off trying to get clients to pay monthly… and this video involves lot of payment upfront which is highly unlikely to earn back within 30 days (the refund limit) so I feel like this is all false info as the whole point would be to charge people monthly… after shelling out £520 for a year it's unlikely to get much back! So what is it? Is charging customers monthly really that risky? Or is there a slight bit of greed so that NameHero gets money quickly… like BlueHost or other big companies? Here's the link for anyone curious

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