How To Learn Java Programming – Learn Java Fast and Easy

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40 thoughts on “How To Learn Java Programming – Learn Java Fast and Easy

  1. When car break down same just Google problem. I YouTube how change part out figure out if I want do it or if I want pay someone. Same with anything sometimes cheaper to pay. Time for money get rid all your responsibility. Friends send them to hell

  2. TLDR: The "golden nugget advice" don't go for free courses, You will have knowledge gap that will not let you to gain six figure job. Need to invest some money, small investment and buy training here and just practice only 2 hours a day, but take the projects pay for our course and the six figure job is waiting.

  3. On youtube there is high quality content for free, I have been learning java since 5 months ago and I combine it with books and everything is going really well, it is not necessary to pay for courses if there is good online content available for everybody, by the way, pildorasinformaticas is a great youtube channel to learn programming, it has all kind of courses for free and about different languages.

  4. I need to learn Java to Problem solve my Assignment. Lol, we learned basic java for 2 months and now we have really hard problem-solving assignments due in 10 days.

  5. I’m in college taking a condensed software developer course, it’s like 3 to 4 weeks per language for a total of 65 weeks but I feel overwhelmed. Going into this course I told my advisor I could not stop working my full time and part time jobs and he assured me it was all going to be fine. In any case, anyone else think these condensed courses may be too condensed for even full time students? I mean is 4 weeks enough time to learn and understand the basics of a language to build on for a career in software development?

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