How To Join Custom Servers On Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This is a tutorial on how to join custom servers on Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. If you are playing on Mobile or Windows 10 you should already have access to this feature. In this video I show off how to add servers on Xbox, but if you follow along and find the same DNS settings on your PS4 or Switch this should work as well.

How to turn off IPv6:

Huge shout out to Pugmatt & Dakonblackrose who first showed off this method in their videos:


Check out these links below:





Second Channel:

Tanks for watching 🙂

20 thoughts on “How To Join Custom Servers On Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  1. If you are having trouble with this tutorial make sure:
    1. You are playing on bedrock Minecraft and that your game is updated to the most current version (Not the beta).
    2. You have the correct DNS settings.
    3. You only have IPV4 for your network (not IPV6 or IPV4 and IPV6) If you do have IPV6 on you will need to turn it off in your router settings.
    4. You have restarted your system
    5. You have the correct server ip and port (and check to see if the server you are trying to join is a bedrock server and is open to join)

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