How To Install/Join Modded Servers! ~ Official DayZ Launcher Guide

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Today I show you how to join modded DayZ servers using the Official DayZ Launcher.

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All Footage is from DayZ Standalone by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and Bohemia Interactive


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36 thoughts on “How To Install/Join Modded Servers! ~ Official DayZ Launcher Guide

  1. I think I've known about Dayz for years now and really liked it, yet the like three times I played it I've been nothing but bored. IDK if thats just because I chose a bad server or just bad luck

  2. What happens if you change from a modded server to a server with different mods? Does it make a new character? I have a M14 and dont want to lose it changing to a server that doesnt have that mod

  3. I've been playing on the dzsa launcher but wanted to check out the dayz launcher and when I clicked on it I had that greenbay saying mod builderitems was installed and next to it in red says load mod doing click on that are just Exit out of it and go back to dzsa launcher.,anyhelp be much appreciated

  4. Sadly just installing the mods doesnt work half the time majority of mods descriptions tell you to copy and paste keys into server folders and stuff or it will break certian things in game but like most people I have no idea how to do that.

  5. For me I am having the issue of whenever I load it up and try loading into a server, I got a Compile error and world script error or something along those lines. Ive tried a clean downloaded of DayZ and it doesnt fix it. If I unload all mods then it will work but I dont know how to fix this issue.

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