Tutorial for how to put addons on servers, realms and your single player worlds. Includes tips & tricks for issues you might face.

0:00 – Start
01:31 – What are addons?
05:15 – How Do Addons Work?
07:57 – What’s the Difference?
09:38 – Adding to a brand new world
11:06 – Issues importing packs to MC
13:47 – Adding to an existing world
14:46 – Adding to an existing Realm
15:56 – Setting up a new server & adding addons
23:00 – Adding to an existing server
28:43 – Potential issues, tips & advice

In this video I guide you in how to install minecraft bedrock edition addons into your single player worlds, realms and servers.

I go into detail about what addons are, how they work and how to set up a brand new server with addons including using the Official Bedrock Dedicated Server software as well as showing you how to add addons to an existing BDS server world.

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Addon Pack Downloads:


45 thoughts on “HOW TO INSTALL ADDONS (MCPE) | + REALMS & BDS SERVERS | Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  1. Can I ask if this is a bug? I do run a server through websites and I followed the steps and the behaviour packs are working but somehow the resource packs is not automatically required the players to download the pack in order to work. Is there anything you can do in order to fix this?

  2. i don't think i can think of a single question that you didn't attempt or get close to answering thank you for really good and thorough tutorial. I wish more people did tutorials like this

  3. When I try to add to realms it says I can’t add certain addons. I went through each of them individually, even one meant for realms and none of them worked

  4. somehow i can make star wars mash-up pack work in normal world with all its advantages? i only achieve the textures and some behaviors but not everything like the pack

  5. I wish you would have used the youtube function to index this video so I can skip to the part it need 🙂 very informative, very well done, but create chapters, please!

  6. you know the way you can with the chunkloader install the behavior pack by installing the resource pack? I was wondering if you could make that possable for the miniblocks and mob heads because that would mean (at least based of my experience) that I could still get achievments. this would be really nice for the reason that you can still get the achievments.(please pardon the poor spelling)

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