How to host an Unturned 3 Dedicated Server on Windows

Download SteamCMD here:

SteamCMD commands:
login anonymous
app_update 1110390

For further Unturned configuration and settings refer to the documentation:

Installing SteamCMD: 0:00
Installing Unturned 3 dedicated server: 0:10
Configuring server: 0:25
Verifying the server was listed 1:20

29 thoughts on “How to host an Unturned 3 Dedicated Server on Windows

  1. putting the lines of code into steamcmd only results in steamcmd saying that app 1110390 is up to date
    do i need to wait for steamcmd to update itself or smth?

  2. sdtill doesnt work, no matter what i do. Yes i portforwarded, yes i bound everything fomr my internet ip to to hell even going with default. The port i've tried multiploe and always port forwarded +3 ahead even yes its unblocked in the firewall. Literall my terraria server runs just fine. starbound fine. but with this game, its almost like it doesnt even bind to the port. Are we sure the aniversarry update didn't break this game server? I even did a netstat to confirm the exe is listening, it only listens on 1 port (the one you bind) i can sometimes see the second 1 but never the third. This seems ridiculous and it feels like a troll to the developer

  3. I have some problem
    i cant even join my own server
    server reply:srcsteamnetworkingsocketsclientlib
    steamnetworkingsockets_udp.cpp(1231) : Assertion Failed: Getstate() == k_ESteamNetworkingConnectionState_ProblemDetectedLocally

    How can i solve it?

  4. I'm able to connect to my server but no one else can. I've enabled port forwarding and set the server to "InternetServer" as described in the video, is there something else i am missing?

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