How to handle hosting for clients – What mistakes to avoid

In this video I’m gonna explain how to handle hosting and domains when you are working with clients. What’s the best hosting provider? Or should you go for the cheapest hosting provider? Do you pay the bills for your clients?

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33 thoughts on “How to handle hosting for clients – What mistakes to avoid

  1. Thanks a lot for this video! Just what I needed to find, I hope the pricing doesn't change because I'm absolutely changing my hosting provider (SiteGround) this year 👌👏

  2. Nice video, for those who consider adding fees for the website service consider this: in legal terms in some countries (Italy for example) the customer is the owner of the website/product unless stated otherwise in a contract with a clear statement that the customer will be "renting" your services and paying a monthly or annual invoice. You need to point this out otherwise you risk legal consequence for any loss or damage (ex: customer does not want your services anymore, you block the hosting service and take their website down, the customer has no website for their clients, they lose money and contacts, it's legally your fault). Always think twice before making decisions, it's not just about easy money or getting greedy, sometimes losing a few bucks can save you a lot of issues. I always go with option 4, they buy the service themselves (I can help and guide them) and I only charge for the renewal, backups, upgrades etc. They are the owners of the product, I just sell the product and bundle up services.

  3. Great Video.. you have a new subscriber :D… also one question, when you mention the plugin All in one WP Migration to work with slow clients 😛 and you do a migration from your subdomain to a new client site….. are all the photos and content links/url updated with the new domain of your client site or do they have the original url (from your subdomain) where it was created?

  4. I do not believe it is good practice to have the domain and hosting on the same server. Because the domain DNS and nameserver is what controls everything this should be separate from where your website files are kept. That way if you have trouble or issues with the website server or webmaster, you can easily point your domain to a different host. A client of mine learned this the hard way with his previous webmaster and it cost him thousands of dollars to get his domain and site back under his control. If I purchase a domain on behalf of a client, I make sure the client is identified as the “registrar” of it.

  5. I wanted a SiteGround domain for my studio's next project and you CAN'T get it if your not in the EU. As I am from Serbia we can't get it. Bumer! Hostinger was our second option but you don't seem to be impressed with them…only cheapest. What would you recommend? Thx

  6. I'm so glad I decided to learn programming at 14. I'm 16 now and I'm already doing this. I don't wanna have to worry about stuff like this later on in the future, thanks for explaining this in full detail!

  7. I think using reseller account is better option as it will save u & your clients tons of money plus if they do want to go separate ways (hire different developer) u can give them cpanel credentials. And still charge them for hosting which they wont disagree with bcoz u can give a competitive price.

  8. When you add WordPress, you will then need to pay for WordPress Pro, so that you can use plug-ins, such as Elementor. Do you inform your client that they will be paying for this as well? Do you have a video that shows how, exactly, to do this?

  9. Thank you for the tip at the end of the video. I will be signing up using your link soon. I am restarting my website design services too. Your videos are helpful in times like these. Thank you and looking forward to more of your innovative tutorials! From Singapore.

  10. I'm still in the discovery phase of starting a web design business. I watched this video twice and it has lots of great info! I have read from other sources, it is not good to purchase your domain from the same company that provides your hosting. If the hosting coming shuts down your site, they also own your domain name? and it would be harder to migrate to another hosting company? (I hope that made sense?) Secondly, what should we recommend for clients for web hosting shared, VPS or Dedicated servers? Does it depend on the type of business? Should e-commerce sites be on a dedicated server? Thanks in advance!

  11. yeah I learnt NOT to buy the hosting for the clients the hard way, it's a pain in the ass having to migrate them later when they buy their own hosting a year later or so.

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