How to fix Valheim’s multiplayer lag / desync on dedicated servers! NEW VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION

– NEW VIDEO – This fix compresses the data sent back and forth between the server and the players. If you’re having issues with desync after following the video you clicked on to get to this description I absolutely recommend using this new fix. Also, both fixes are compatible.

Just wanted to make a video showing how to fix Valheim’s dedicated server desync issue, hope this helped you out and if you have any questions make sure to leave a comment below, I’ll gladly help!

NOTE : changing the server alone / first is important. Don’t use higher client send rates with unpatched servers, or you’ll kill the game for other players.

If you have any questions you can add me on discord DrFaceless#9522

User = 245760
Server = 368640



20 thoughts on “How to fix Valheim’s multiplayer lag / desync on dedicated servers! NEW VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION

  1. Hi, when trying to use this both myself and a friend get a debug line in the Unity console stating 'libzstd.dll is not a valid .net assembly' which skips loading the file. Neither of us are able to connect to each other. We tried manual installations, verifying both of our directories are setup exactly as stated on thunder, and we both have bepinex full.

    Has anyone encountered this?

    Edit sorry posted this on the wrong video, meant for this to be in the compression video.

  2. Hey my friend has a world i join through the game so coop / none dedicated.
    would the 245760 be fine user side for the both of us. Maybe i changed my .dll and just send it too him ?
    Never noticed this desync before yesterday night, MS teams was dropping out like crazy too.
    Both had great connectivity too everything else. IE speed test, download, 4k video, other games. As soon me and my friend where close too each other massive desync ingame and MS teams started too have connection problems.

  3. Worked for me, however when I sent the file to my friend I was still receiving 60-80kb/s. , and getting serious lag. I’m hosting as a dedicated server on the pc I play on and I’m getting up to 250kb/s recieved.

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