how to build a simple calculator using javascript

how to build a simple calculator using javascript

This is a simple calculator tutorial using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The logic is very simple with the minimum lines of code possible. This is a step by step tutorial for beginners. Including a simple design and logic that’s easy to follow.

The link to the code:

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24 thoughts on “how to build a simple calculator using javascript

  1. Good video. I think the author just wants to show that she can code. That video wasn't meant for beginners. It's too fast and not detailed.
    I wanted to learn but I was disappointed.

  2. Program codes are all wrong expecially javascript script. Js is very weird to observe and the video also so fast playback speed is1000x more fast can't you slow down or proper code by code typing and explanation it's very difficult to catch.

  3. Most of the vedios are so long just seeing the time i get irritated and other don't have good explanation of css and html this is actually very clear and easy to understand with a good time management.
    Thank you

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