How the C++ Compiler Works

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30 thoughts on “How the C++ Compiler Works

  1. Thanks for the great instruction. It is so much easier to understand by watching you going through the demonstration. I think at 11:43 it is the hexadecimal (0-F) representation. The assembly code is useful to debug some weird and tough bug. I also watched your video about the linking. It was very helpful too.

  2. The Cherno, you are a good teacher wow. You make C++ make so much sense. You're better than my University professors. I dropped programming at School thinking I could not do it so I went on the design side of things (Drawing, Maya, 3DS max, etc…). But following your tutorials all the concepts make total sense. Would you do Unreal, Unity and maybe C#, Please? I know there are many Unreal and Unity courses out there. But I have never found any that explain the programming concepts like you do. Again, you are an excellent teacher. Thank you.

  3. Nice video. I especially like how you showed the impacts in assembly. I've been wondering how to examine this sort of thing using visual studio, and it's cool to see where all the options were hidden.

    I'm slowly on my way to your game engine series, so keep going! I'll catch up soon.

  4. Dude thank you for teaching, seriously. This exact subject was so uncovered and hand wavy at my University and you ripped into it perfectly.

  5. Visual comparison of before and after optimization powerfully illustrates what compilation does. I appreciate this level of detail and approach to explanation.

  6. For Mac OS users using XCode:
    – Getting the Preprocessor file : Editor > Assistant > Click on Counterparts > Select Preprocessor
    – Getting the Assembly file : Editor > Assistant > Click on Counterparts > Select Assembly

  7. I used to think that the header file is something sacred, revolutionary, elegant, designed by some super wisdom and profound reasoning… Until Cherno's `}` destroyed everything.

  8. Cherno, you are a brilliant teacher! Thank you so much. You explain things so clearly! Please keep up this great work.

    I only started learning C++ today. Have been a web dev for 14 years, but want to dive into game programming. Your tuts are my go-to 🙂

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