How C++ Works

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24 thoughts on “How C++ Works

  1. I can’t find any .obj or .exe files after compiling and building.
    Please can someone help me out?
    The log and main files are present, but the are not obj files. Instead what I see under type is 3D Object.

  2. Dude you copied off of this one blog that literally mentions everything you said, with a twist of "synonyms". Caught Ya!!

  3. I just started out today with C++, great series. But I have a question on the header file include line, why not end that with semicolon, also why didnt compiler didnt throw any error on that ?

  4. I am using gcc compiler and running same thing via cmd but errors are coming ??
    Please tell me some solution to run a function file via declaring it in another file ??

  5. I got Visual Assistant before trying this and used Cherno's Visual Studio imported settings. Small L in those settings looks like a caps L in italics. That made the code stop working with error C2665 because it was trying to call a log function instead of a Log function, and they are different. Don't be deceived by small caps L with Visual Assistant.

  6. this is series is great so far. I have zero experience in programming, and you've explained everything so well so far. I dont feel lost. thank you!

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