hosting my mama in the city!! girls night out | margot lee

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I had so much fun with my mama in the city!!!

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42 thoughts on “hosting my mama in the city!! girls night out | margot lee

  1. someone commented this on the last video and this one as well but the constant ads that take up a chunk of the video make it feel like we’re being used as a cash grab. kinda disappointing. we know this is a job but it’s getting a little tiring :/

  2. this is the first video of yours that i’ve watched, you and ur ny apartment gives so much of an early 2000s hollywood movie star vibes, idk why lol. love this one tho!! <3

  3. Oh my god I saw the sauce sign and remembered my brother and I ate there when I visited him last before Covid (which was last March:(). Keep living the dream Margot I love your neighborhood and hope to visit soon!

  4. So excited to try the Verb Bars, always looking for new snacks as a gluten-free/dairy-free person! Also, you and your mom are so cute, you can tell you both are such shiny, happy people <33

  5. love your vlogs but very very tired of more than 40% of each video being you talking about the sponsor- feels like a cash grab

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