Hacker101 – JavaScript for Hackers (Created by @STÖK)

Created by @STÖK
Special guest: @TomNomNom


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38 thoughts on “Hacker101 – JavaScript for Hackers (Created by @STÖK)

  1. i don't mean to be rude this tutorial seems way too overhyped in the bugbounty community. If you google `chrome devtools` on youtube, you can find much more detailed and technical videos

  2. The reason he is saying really dude and no way etc is that otherwise, you guys would fall asleep. That is why this guy is making money on Youtube and you don't 😉

  3. While modern frameworks are initing their routing you can go into the debugger and pause it, build a new config, and get yourself into some hidden sections of the apps. If there's content in those section that is not protected by a token, you're gonna get some free stuff! Could be video lessons, pdfs, who knows. The key is that you're building your own custom route config for an app. This takes a good understanding of the routing engines of the frameworks as well as the product you're trying to get into.

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