Godot Multiplayer Tutorial – How to Make a Server Map | Godot Dedicated Server #17

In this Godot Multiplayer Tutorial, I will teach you how to make a server map. A server map should be light. Preferably only consist of collision data. By making our server maps light in Godot we get a smaller footprint and more performance out of our server and Godot Multiplayer Games.

In the next Godot Multiplayer Tutorial, we will explore how to make a server map functional; work on the collision detections and resulting calculations.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Making the Server Map
3:30 Loading the Map onto the Server
6:21 Reducing the Ice Spear and Werebear
9:36 Spawning Projectiles on Server
14:37 Spawning Enemies on Server
16:21 Demonstration
18:03 Fixing the Time Step
19:31 Outro

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7 thoughts on “Godot Multiplayer Tutorial – How to Make a Server Map | Godot Dedicated Server #17

  1. How many times are we spawning enemies??? lol I think this is the 4th spawnenemy code so far 😛 I love it. IDK how you figured all this out but man you are talented!

  2. Amazing tutorial! Just a quick question: Instead of adding the sync_clock_counter variables, wouldn't be better to use a timer? Or there is some reason for don't use it?

  3. Very cool tutorial again!
    It also made me realize the create_timer() function O.O I always created one and added by a few scriptlines when I needed the yield() method for a waiting step, but that is so much easier 😀
    While we are talking of timers… Wouldn't a timer for the world-state-update method be a bit more suitable? Create one at ready() and tie the timeout to the update method. Then you can completely independent set any desired update interval? With your current method you have to adjust these steps to the physics-processing and keep both harmonized if you want to change one or the other. And it reads a bit more complicated the way it's set up right now…?

  4. Very nice videos. I was wondering if you want to support offline support, would this architecture work as well? The naïve way would be to run both client/server on same machine as separate processes…but could it be done as a single executable?

  5. As an extra note, when you have been working on your maps and they have a little more than just 4 trees on them. You can write a tool script in the editor that does all the deleting of sprites and such for you.

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