GNS3 Multiple Servers and Single GUI: Scale your GNS3 networks (Part 1)

In this video we discuss scaling GNS3 networks using multiple servers. Use a single GNS3 GUI to control multiple GNS3 remote servers (GNS3 VMs) running on different physical servers.

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13 thoughts on “GNS3 Multiple Servers and Single GUI: Scale your GNS3 networks (Part 1)

  1. I'm amazed…every question I have about GNS3, you have a video for! I'm loving your tutorials and they've saved me so much time and headaches. This one opens with awesome footage of my city, so I'm loving it even more. Thanks David!!

  2. I use gns3 to create a tshoot topology. can I make a different session for each remote connection? so everyone opens a connection to the same device but with a different session.

  3. Not sure if this falls into this video, but I'm having problems getting my GNS3 to connect to a shared VM. Which IP address i should be using under remote main server?

  4. Hi David
    All your videos are amazing and helping so much. Thank you!!
    Can you do what is shown here using VMware Worstation 12 Player (non – commercial) version ?

  5. Hi David. I had the same question on if this was possible. Excellent! But I have a problem/issue. So I have a Network Automation VM and an Arista switch connected via the standard ethernet switch in gns3. Once I made the connections using vlan 1 I couldn't PING. The Arista switch and the Net-Auto VM is on GNS3 VM and the ethernet switch is on my laptop(default location)… Once I move the switch the GNS3 VM – I could PING. From your experience – is this correct? From the video here, the first way should work. Or is it a limitation on using the default location (your laptop self)?

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