Getters and Setters – Learn Getters and Setters in Java

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Getters and setters let you set/get private variables in a class with methods.

Getters and setters in java can be tricky at first… But SURELY you’ll get it 🙂 If you followed along, congrats! You learned by-doing!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on getters and setters in java! I like to have a nice mix of java tutorials and actual projects for you all 🙂

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Alex Lee

36 thoughts on “Getters and Setters – Learn Getters and Setters in Java

  1. **Alex — this was so much easier to follow than my own instructor, thank you! The only thing I'd like is a little slower on the ending code walk through and if you had a highlighter pointer to see where you are talking about, that would be even better! Really great though!

    ** Does anyone have the shortcut or plugin for Notepad ++ for the System.out.println(); ? I tried installing the QuickText plugin but I can't get it to work. We will be moving over to Eclipse soon, but we are in Notepad++ right now and it's so annoying to have to keep writing out the print method.

  2. I remember when you was so less subscribers, I made you a few compliments back then and I wanted to join the Facebook page but I took to much time so you can accept me so , I deleted my request anyways man the reason I put another comment is that you really help people around with this videos , Alex be safe man and thanks for this videos very helpful now that I have a clue about java, now is coming together the code.

  3. I just want to say: Thank you i just got what setters and getters are.. Amazing and very easy. Keep going from Greek with love. Im trying now Json to java object and im a little confused. Do you have any source url for the json deserialize?

  4. I have a problem.

    I have my Public class Main()
    And my public class Cars()

    Cars have Getters and setthers:

    When i try call that getter from cars to Main:


    This happens:
    The method gettheName() is undefined for the class Main.

    How can i fix this??

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