Functions in C++

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43 thoughts on “Functions in C++

  1. I am creating 3d game and I want to add superpowers like fire and lighting flying and super speed so what functions can I use to code these powers for it to work and damage characters in game

  2. I like how fast you talk. I consume the words by a huge block of many sentences instead of one word by one word. Thanks to this, you managed to shrink 2 hours of lecture on Functions in C++ in less than 10 minutes. You are God sent

  3. I know this was like 3 years ago in theres Google but can anyone please give me some ideas on how to use user input values as values of a function? Its gonna be highly appreciated. Thank you :>

  4. I am sure he knows.
    But for others.
    The compiler will see that all those multiplications result in constants and simply convert them to constants.
    Yeah, it's that smart.

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