Free Hosting With GitHub Pages: Push Your Site Live

Let’s learn how to push our website live up onto the web. Since our simple website doesn’t rely on any server-side languages (such as PHP, Python, Node, Ruby, etc…) we can use GitHub Pages for free, forever!

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50 thoughts on “Free Hosting With GitHub Pages: Push Your Site Live

  1. So, as far as I understand, we need the Git Desktop software if we want to update the site. Can we update it by replacing the file with a new one? We can publish files on GitHub, right? So, the software is optional?
    I wonder: is there a size limit? Is the project added on the Desktop saved on the computer? I am not sure my laptop will handle that. I hope there is a cloud. Can we change the name file within the desktop tool?

  2. Very descriptive and sooo much information. I was trying to get this going for 2-3 hours and after watching your video, I got it done! Thank you!

  3. There can be a situation wherein one has to format one's PC or the OS just crashed. In such a scenerio, how to restore a local WordPress from a github backup or WordPress backup? can we still log in using the same credentials. I mean how do I add content to the same github site that was connected to the local wordpress before the pc had a crash. To be more specific, I mean how do we go about the database, log in and most importantly, how do I make sure that my previous posts are not lost or the permalinks are not hampered.

  4. Woooow this was detailed, I’ve watched tons of videos but none was as good as yours. You’ve helped me put my website on the web and I’ll subscribe and also look for your course on Udemy.

  5. Hello, Brad I am trying to complete your Full Scratch Javascript course but have run into a major barrier. I have left messages for you on the Udemy comments but you never answer them. What does it take to get you to pay attention to your users???

  6. For the longest time I keep having this problem when I create an html project and I post it to github I can never host the site properly. I follow all the steps and go to get hub pages select master/main branch and click the github io link and I either get the 404 error or the white page.

  7. Before I keep going and watch the rest of the videos, I just wanted to tell you that you're literally making me get a job out of this. Started this journey a week ago learning HTML and CSS with a couple of tuts until I found your channel.
    Now I'm developing a simple website for my friend's business and it's amazing!
    I want to thank you for that!

  8. Hey Brad ! Hope you are well in these difficult times. I have followed this video of yours, step by step, but when I click the link for my website to view in a browser it shows the following error code. I have been jumping from page to page and make sure I am not missing anything. Could you please help me out.

    File not found

    The site configured at this address does not contain the requested file.

    If this is your site, make sure that the filename case matches the URL.

  9. Nice tutorial! 🥰
    but when i click on the link to my website in git hub it says that, 'GitHub Pages are temporarily down for maintenance', then i got a 404 error… I wonder when i can view my web😖…

  10. I am absolutely amazed. I've been paying for hosting, is it really this easy??? Only thing is I created my sites using a theme in WordPress. If only I knew enough HTML to do this…

  11. I'm really gratefull for this man existence and the content he produces. I occasionally talk about him to my family, imagine ! Brad doesn't know if I exist, and my family just care about my carrier.
    From experience, I hate academic teachers. I always meprise the value they think they offer, I was always the one who, sometimes, make new things out of courses that the teacher never considered or found out.
    But the way this man talks to an apprentice logical mind is, very rare.

  12. You're great and video is also pretty super! Where I know GitHub about 1 year since I started learning programming and I also know GitHub desktop app but I haven't used it before and didn't even know it offers free websites pages hosting. Thanks so much for the info. First comment and new subscriber on your channel.

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