Firebase Hosting Tutorial #4 – Deploying a Vue Site

Learn how to deploy your websites to Firebase! In this tutorial I’ll show you how to deploy a Vue.js website to Firebase hosting.


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33 thoughts on “Firebase Hosting Tutorial #4 – Deploying a Vue Site

  1. Hi, I know this is a old videobut I hosted a vue app on firebase but noticed favicon (that logo on tab) is not loading. I also noticed your hosted app also don't have the favicon but you locally hosted app have. Is there any solution?

  2. I really needed this.
    Thanks for all your firebase series.
    they were great am Learning from them
    thanks so much I will host your vuetify Project soon.
    the todo-ninja

  3. can you help me when i am deploying my website then i am getting an error like

    i deploying database, hosting

    Error: Unexpected rules format

    thanks in advance

  4. I created an app using CDN version of vue and vuematerial hosted on or backed by AppsScript with Spreadsheet as its database. Would you show how to migrate from such case to firebase hosting? The app is also backed by Firebase Realtime Database connected thru the AppScript (not thru vue/client side). Everything is so simple but secured (AppScript can filter which gmail account can proceed and so Spreadsheet can be assigned to specific gmail account). For internal use, this combo is awesome. The only downside is the banner “This application is created by another user, not by Google”. Thanks Ninja!

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