Fastest way to become a Java Developer

There is the effective way and the not so effective time-consuming way of learning something. Java is a place where you can end up wasting a lot of time without making enough progress. I go over the path you should take in 2019 to become a professional Java developer and get hired! Discount link to all courses here:


36 thoughts on “Fastest way to become a Java Developer

  1. His courses are amazing…I finished Tableau and SQL looking for job at the moment but I will start Java this week….I really recommend Imtiaz courses because the way he explains his examples its really easy to understand and I came from sales so…I have no experience but I finished it and ready to start looking for a job….Thanks Imtiaz for awesome teaching.

  2. And what if I want to be just an Android developer and need Java just to work in Android Studio? Do I still need Spring? I’m asking you this because you said we can’t call ourselves a Java developer if we don’t know Spring.

  3. Everything he said is absolutely true.I have been through Boot camp, it is fast paced programme and you need to have some fair amount of knowledge and it is very intense so you need to put lots of effort(7 days a week) .Currently working in one of big four and working on Java using tools like Dockers, Kubernetes, Jenkins etc.One needs to learn lots of things he mentioned, specially java, not easy to learn if you are new but with practice, effort & determination you can do anything.There are a lot of dev jobs in UK, not sure about North America.Interesting video.

  4. Sir I know basic java plus oop and doing MySQL with Android and eclipse GUI side wise is it enough to be carried together or can I learn spring gram work 5 with it I have just started MySQL and know how to create and retrieve data from tables and stuff so what do you suggest

  5. Any other way to pay instead of creditcard? I don't use that. Please make a option to pay via PayPall or something else than an creditcard

  6. Genuinely interested, but at 1:41 I'm confused. Do you pick one path like Data Analyst or Software Developer on either side, or learn everything and follow down the order in the middle? Are there small things to practice or (unfortunately, like most courses) just go through a lot and then dumps you into the ocean from a helicopter with weights attached, holding a scribbled sign saying "good luck" as you flounder helplessly into the abyss, feeling as if the stuff you are trying to do are ten steps ahead of where you currently are? You can tell I've had my experiences.

  7. He's one of the best teachers on Udemy; I found that with him I can learn Java. My issue is that I want to do remote/freelancing and Java is mostly for enterprises….

  8. Thank you so much for the best advice, Mr. Imtiaz. I would love to see you if you have a one-on-one session where you give beginners advice on how to become a Software Engineer.

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