Explained: Cap's 2019 Recommended Public Multiplayer Servers & How To Access Them | DCS WORLD

NOTE – This Is All Relevant to OPEN BETA Version Of DCS WORLD.
0:46 Non-GR Public Servers
6:37 GR Public Servers
9:41 How To Get GR Passwords & Interact With GR

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40 thoughts on “Explained: Cap's 2019 Recommended Public Multiplayer Servers & How To Access Them | DCS WORLD

  1. This video really needs an update! There are so many damn servers its crazy! Makes it really hard finding one you like with that you can get good ping to!

  2. Hi Mr Grim Reapers. I just joined your discord. Thank you for the link. I have a question. Do I have to have either the DCS Base game to play on your servers or steam version? Or does it matter?

  3. Are these servers all only on the open beta version or the stable version? I can't seem to get any more than 2 or 3 servers to show when I go to mulitplayer.

  4. If you Dount have any Server in your DCS Server List
    Then you Need to Enable IPv6 !!! Just Google " How to Enable IPv6 "
    Leave a like if it Workd for you ; )

  5. Thx cap !!! I really like how you help fng’s like me. I should be having my rig in a few weeks. I’m from the US will I be able to join and possible help with your servers. I sure hope so cause I’ve watched everyone of your videos and I really like you guys

  6. I would recommend through the inferno if you like PvE with missions, it's a good server to go from newbie to a trained player so you can go to PvP servers!

  7. Right now im stuck between getting my first aircraft, or getting a better GPU card to fly it with over 20 fps in DCS 2.5 > Just built a Ryzen 5 PC and forgot the most crucial thing, the video card is bottlenecked sometimes at 10-15 fps. Get GDDR5-6 and over 4gb of Gram for DCS world if your new to play it.

  8. For those living in the American continent I'll recommend the All Out War server (Server ip It is a PvE "campaign style" server with friendly admins and plenty of stuff to do. It is a great place to learn more advancement techniques and do a bit of coop play.

  9. Western Europe…. tut shame on you…

    Wheres your national pride.
    You are in England.

    School boy error Cap

    One way of forcing a PW change I guess.

  10. Nice video for a newish player like me! So far just been practicing tanking and formation on Caucasus aerobatics, but want to get in some MP combat soon.

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