Emily Shea – "Perl Out Loud"

As a Senior Software Engineer at Fastly, I use voice dictation as my main form of interacting with the computer. I will talk about my experience with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and how this led me to discover voice dictation and subsequently change my perception of the viability of using voice dictation for software development. I will cover some unique challenges to using voice dictation, from homophones and defining custom vocabulary, to designing and building my own voice commands to write Perl. This talk is relevant to anyone who might find themselves unable to use a keyboard or mouse, anyone curious about exploring new ways of interacting with a computer, anyone writing software for people using different input methods, and anyone interested in learning what it’s like writing Perl by voice in 2019. It’s important to make known that voice dictation is a viable option for those who can benefit from it, and as more people are using voice assistants to interact with their phones and computers, we should be thinking about using voice for software development.

18 thoughts on “Emily Shea – "Perl Out Loud"

  1. A large mat like keyboard on the ground using your feet may be a healthy option. Touch your left or right side to make up a 4 point input option. . Have dragon its a bit clunky. 2019 and there is a long way to go.Great effort with presentation.

  2. For a first conference presentation, that was fantastic. I'd be terrified doing one with all those layers of technology wrestling with each other.
    Clear, great content, impressive personality.

  3. Thanks for this presentation! As a Perl programmer who has been struck by RSI in the past, it's good to know there are now alternatives.

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