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Learn about DNS, DNS Server or DNS name server, DNS lookup, what is dns server and how it works, how DNS server or Domain Name System works. DNS or Domain Name System translates domain names to their IP addresses so that browsers can load the requested website. Servers are computers storing HTML files, images, sounds, videos or any other file types. Servers that work together to provide IP address of the requested website to the web browser are called DNS servers.

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DNS resolver connects the web browser of our computer to the DNS name servers. There are 13 sets of root name servers, logically named as Letter.root-servers.net, where Letter ranges from ‘a’ to ‘m’, and are operated by 12 different organizations. Each set has a number of servers placed around the world. TLD name server stores the information of all domain names sharing a common domain extension. Authoritative name server is the last server in the Domain Name System. It stores the IP address of the requested website

When we purchase a domain name from a registrar, Registry updates the authoritative name server for the purchased domain in the TLD name server. So, when TLD name server receives a DNS query, it forwards DNS resolver to the correct authoritative name server. DNS servers eliminate the need for humans to memorize these complex IP addresses. The only thing we need to memorize is the domain names which are easier to remember. #TechTerms

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  1. In princype you could add all the ip addresses for FQDN's you want to visit in the Hosts file. This is the first file the computer checks for resolving the ip-address of a website I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong

  2. I think one thing has missed here. When we enter some address in browser, it'll search for it in browser's caches first, then i'll check with DNS server's ip assigned for the machine.

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