Different Types of Web Hosting Explained! | Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Server

Have you ever wondered what type of web hosting is right for you? I’m breaking down shared hosting vs. VPS hosting vs. dedicated servers in this video. Here are the different types of web hosting explained.

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Shared Hosting
3:26 – VPS Hosting
4:00 – VPS vs. Shared Hosting
7:47 – Dedicated Server
8:56 – Real World Example
10:08 – Which option is right for you?

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28 thoughts on “Different Types of Web Hosting Explained! | Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Server

  1. I used a clouding.io vps but now I host my own server
    The up
    time is great and it is fun to setup
    But the problem is that there is no support and you need to do everything by yourself which can be time consuming and frustating
    Btw great video

  2. What I'm interested in learning is how shared hosting , vps hosting, dedicated server hosting different from
    Digital Ocean

    When would you choose one over the other?

  3. I ask for information, they told me that hosting a service such as a video game server, and making it public to everyone with a domain, but hosted on a VPS, it said that it could not be done as it is not a non-dedicated server.
    I wonder, can a product hosted on a VPS be made public instead of a dedicated server?

  4. hello brother how you doing i hope you all fine and happy i have issue i can access to my website from home ip if i change adress ip it doesn't open i have plesk webhosting in virtualmachin (i mean if i share my web site into my friends the site can't open)
    i don't know does this hostinf is local host or internet hosting

  5. great video man, subbed. I have a dedicated server for my start up company, a YouTube alternative, roxytube.com. I just moved all the videos to digital ocean and am thinking of moving the script files to digital ocean as well, but I do love my dedicated server. nervous about the lack of control with digital ocean droplet, like, no cpanel. I'm not a programmer.

  6. ALL the hosting's are the same the difference is that the more you want to exceed the specs for your business the more you buy a big hosting
    Take the example of a car all the cars are the same they all are for driving the difference is that how much cc engine it has how much horse power it has and is it diesel or a petrol engine etc same is the case with hosting server
    If I'm wrong then correct me

  7. Great, informative, clear, and right to the point! I feel like I understand the varieties of web hosting and which one is better for a certain type of situation. I really appreciate you sharing what set ups you use with WPEngine and Cloudways/Digital Ocean. Now I finally understand for small clients with a low budget and low traffic site, go with a cheap shared web host, but for a client with high traffic match them up with a premium service such as Flywheel, InMotion, WPEngine.

  8. I have 2 websites and they are both on Digital Ocean (separate accounts). For one of my websites, everything works smooth and no issues. For my other website, last 2 days it constantly crashes and getting database errors. I have no idea whats going on, but thinking of migrating to shared hosting for that 1 website. With shared hosting, you dont have to do a lot of the tinkering and can get support. For vps like digital ocean, its all you to fix it

  9. Thank you for these informative videos. I was hoping you could help answer a question for me. I'm trying to look for an up and coming graphic designer and I don't know where to go to find someone one who is wanting to build their profile while quoting me a decent price? Any ideas about a site or place I can find this person?

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