CUSTOM SERVERS IN 2021 // SEA OF THIEVES – What we can expect from private servers.

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28 thoughts on “CUSTOM SERVERS IN 2021 // SEA OF THIEVES – What we can expect from private servers.

  1. I used to do this big event with a small streamer named Coronaritas where we would get a shit ton of loot, bring it all to the shore of gold and hide it along the island, and then have ships race to the shore of gold and then do a massive pvp scavenger hunt where each type of loot had points and whoever wins gets all the loot!

  2. Honestly, I just want a pve pirate game, where people are actually friendly and not griefing douchebags who ruin the game for plebs, such as myself. Who, frankly sucks at pvp combat. I'm not afraid to admit it LOL. I just want the ability to go into my own server alone, and still progress and earn gold and such.

  3. Eh I refuse to play the game without passive mode it's not fun spinning in circles and eating especially when fighting. Rather have a lore rich PvE experience considered people just hide and wait to grief you. Plus last time I played wr had an alliance why we were looting they shot and we lost a good bit of loot. Games just not fun with players killing the experience.

  4. Private servers? Im In!
    No reputation and gold. Im out.

    PPL wanted that kind of servers to play with friends at one server and get them to the one was hard as hell.
    good option but porly added

  5. What about semi-private servers, "private" but actually public. Call it a grand alliance fleet and you have to set sail with a minimum of 12 people in the party. Then people just get randomly assigned to ships (which are determined normally, so everyone is either a sloop brig or galleon) to fill the ship cap. Then people leave and join as necessary to get on the right ship. It's a "private" server because your grand fleet is the only one on it, but it's still a public server so other ships could theoretically join.

  6. Looking forward to Custom Servers because of LAN matches. Also you encounter PVP more often with skilled people instead of peaople being fucked up about the game after a few weeks if they don't play much. Actually this is also a reason why alot of friends don't buy it.

  7. So I would have to pay extra because the game is badly designed as an always on system? Plus I can't just play and progress the game with friends? Nah I'm good.

  8. A place to play with JUST my friends, and to also be able to MAKE PROGRESS is literally all I want. Until then, the game is dead to me. So much potential and its wasted by a focus on forced pvp bullshit.

  9. I know it will probably never happen but I would love to have some sort of game where its 2 (5 ship) alliance armadas going at it in the middle of the map, or the two teams set up at skeleton forts and they send ships to attack each other at the fort

  10. My internet is shit so playing SoT is literally impossible, and it doesn’t help with the fact that I live in Australia which has some of the most shit internet in the world. India has better internet than Australia for crying out loud. I would love a PvE mode where there are a tonne of skeleton ships in the sea which would be the filler for all the enemy players.

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