Cross Platform Graphical User Interfaces in C++

In this video I challenge the notion that Graphical User Interfaces and C++ just simply dont mix, by installing the cross platform wxWidgets framework and having a play! I show the full install and setup procedure and a simple application to get started.

Im quite aware of the abundance of different frameworks, and make no claims that one is better than any other. Choose the tools that are right for your situation.

Source: There isn’t any really as you need wxWidgets to make it useful. However if you need it, shout out in the comments and I’ll post a link


25 thoughts on “Cross Platform Graphical User Interfaces in C++

  1. I’m starting to learn wxwidgets and I’m making a native app. My code is a mess, I don’t know how to split the code in a clean object oriented manner. Would you supply some source code I can use to see how to structure GUI code? Something that goes beyond the included samples that actually do stuff.

  2. Great video, highly recommend, was looking around for a couple of days at different cross-platform GUI solutions for C++. All seemed to complicated, with this video I had a functional GUI in a couple of hours.

  3. For anyone wondering why evt returns errors: make sure you used an ampersand (&), not a dollar sign ($) in the declaration =) At least in my case, that was the only problem.

  4. Mmmm but events still sorta queue themselves to be handled at the next loop iteration… it still is a loop underneath
    Unless multi-threading… but to start the thread, that event will need to be handled, which means it gets queued and waits for the loop to go over it again…

  5. "I never used Mac"
    You are smarter than me .. I got one (relatively cheap for some reason) .. but it was still not worth it .. apple binds you ..

  6. Guys on VS2019 I can't find wxwx.h, I'm getting E1696 erro to not find the file. I've added the include and library linkage values and doubled checked the files are actually installed. If I use the full name absolute path of the file "C:….wx.h" it can find it but it can't find the files that THAT header includes. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? (I'm trying to build the x64 version btw, not Win32, so my lib is vc_x64_lib instead of vc_lib)

  7. @javidx9 22:00 in the tutorial I am getting 95 warnings when I try to compile. A lot of them are saying things like… "The enum type 'wxAccStatus' is unscoped. Prefer enum class over enum". Did I install this thing wrong? Why is it doing this? Thanks.

  8. It wouldn't surprise me if this channel alone is responsible for a resurgence in C++. I haven't done any C++ for 20 odd years now, but am about to jump back in (head first).

  9. I first started coding with visual basic net on visual studio and its such a pleasure to create windows forms.. when I see how its done with C++ I start to think I keep C and C++ for arduino and forget it for anything else… what a pain in the butt… I rather start continue using visual basic net or C#… This is literally a joke what a horrible pain it is

  10. Hey gang.

    I followed all the instructions in this video exactly, but I seem to get getting an error in relation to the "wxIMPLEMENT_APP" macro that reads " 'static_cast': cannot convert from 'wxAppConsole*' to 'cApp*'".

    I could not find any information online on how to solve this issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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