Countries with Official Minecraft Servers & Maps

Minecraft is the most sold video game of all time and it isn’t difficult to see why. There are countless possibilities of what you can do with the game: speedrunning, survival, PvP, budget Mario Kart, and much much more. With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that some countries have had official Minecraft servers during their lifetimes.

In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the intriguing roster of Minecraft servers & maps set up by world governments and other servers used by other public entities.

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== Server IP + Download Links ==
Vatican Server –
Denmark –
Sweden –

== Credits (General) ==

== Credits (Denmark) ==

== Credits (Vatican City) ==

The Vatican Has Its Own ‘Minecraft’ Server Now, If You Feel Like Griefing The Pope

This Vatican priest is making his own Minecraft server to offer a less-toxic community for gamers

== Credits (Poland) ==

Poland launches special Minecraft server to incite people to stay at home

Some of you may know that in my country (Poland) is a building contest sponsored by government. I recreated creeper farm and a Hermit Challenges place. Of course I won’t submit it to the contest. from HermitCraft

== Credits (United States) ==

== Credits (Sweden) ==

== Credits (United Kingdom) ==

Highways England uses Minecraft to create plans for A428 road scheme

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20 thoughts on “Countries with Official Minecraft Servers & Maps

  1. The Polish server's name "Grarantanna" was a word play, made up of two words:
    Gra – game
    Kwarantanna – quarantine
    It's no surprise it wasn't taken seriously with such ridiculous name.

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