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CONAN EXILES ON SAME PC AS DEDICATED SERVER is a great way to hangout with friends. But it’s a pain when things don’t work right.
This video covers complete setup on the same machine you play Conan Exiles on. With the FunCom Dedicated server launcher it makes it possible to allow you and your friends to play without more investment on a stand alone server.
Well I’m here to help you get your server running on the same system you play on.
So come on and hangout while I geek out on some more Conan Dedicated server!

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FunCom Dedicated Launcher

Exiles_Server with port forwarding



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7 thoughts on “CONAN EXILES ON SAME PC AS DEDICATED SERVER W/ funcom server launcher

  1. So I followed through everything in the video and I still can't direct connect. says server can not be found even though I'm looking right at it in the list and all my friends can connect to it.

  2. Thank you so much for this guide. I did EVERYTHING and it kept me blocked on a 9999 ping error. No guide ever said to direct connect to it or set up the multihome. I logged in right away with it, thank you so much.

  3. I dont' know why, but mine says "Fatal Error: Failed to load steamconsole.dll"
    what can I do?
    I already tried reinstall the game, Steam and SteamCMD. please, help

  4. Can you list your hardware in the description, and how many people you would comfortably support for that rig? I'm doing all of my research now and your videos keep popping up with great content!

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