Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Setup for Windows Updated!

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Open Ports: 27015, 27016, 7777

26 thoughts on “Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Setup for Windows Updated!

  1. Great guide @maturemindedgamers . Did have five quick questions. (Below)

    How do you assign yourself admin of your server so you can fix/edit things In-Game.
    How do you save a servers current state.
    How do you restart a server without losing the progression on it ?
    How do you wipe and restart a server fresh ?
    Does this use the same In-Game admin console window for changing things In-Game that other server offerings use.


  2. Hi MatureMindedGamers,

    I have got my server to show up on the server list but I cannot join it it just says "Could not connect to Server. Your Connection to the host has been lost" its showing 9999 ping and is not asking me for the password I have set when joining it.

    I am running it on the same machine, I have done what you described in your video for running on the same machine and have created rules in my outbound firewall for the ports. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. This would be worth a damn if the server was free….even for a dollar this could be done pure point and click….I'm not spending a dollar for 45 min. of my life. Dev kinda sucks at what they do.

  4. Great Video about to try this but just wondering how much Stress does this put on you PC if your gonna be playing on the same machine? Do you need a High End pc to Host and Play on the same machine?

  5. Hi there,
    I did everything as you said but I cannot seem to see my server in the steam server browser when I change the filter to Conan Exiles. When I do try to join it I get the message that says, "app id specified by server is invalid"
    So I connect directly from Menu but I get Authenticate error.

  6. The only part I'm "stuck" per say on is opening the ports. Can't that be dangerous? I'm new to hosting servers so I don't know a whole lot on what is and isn't dangerous.

  7. why doe is say the procedure entry point
    could not be located in the dynamic liink libarary D:ProgramfilesSteamsteamclient64.dll. wtf is this plz help!

  8. Everything seems to have worked fine but while I can direct connect to the server just fine my friends get a "Connection Timed Out, Could Not Find Server" error everytime they attempt to direct connect. Any fixes?

  9. Does the server files took the same amount of Hardisk space as the full game ? Which means that I need double the amount of space to be a server and play at the same time?

  10. Im currently trying to setup using Funcoms app. All ports list open successfully through the firewall and router, and it all looks like it boots fine, but I cannot find the server nor join it via direct connect. Multi-home is enabled. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Further testing my friend was able to successfully join and play, but I still cannot find or connect on the same machine.

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