Computer Networking Tutorial – 7 – Servers

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42 thoughts on “Computer Networking Tutorial – 7 – Servers

  1. any computer that accepts client requests and sends content can be considered a server; your laptop could be a server. It technically need not be a "special" computer. The reference here is for a "dedicated" server; which is what people typically think of as a server. great series tho, networking is pretty fascinating.

  2. Hi 🙂
    You always said that "server" is the special server that "everyone" in the world can access, but are there any server is secured, that no one can access without permit?

  3. lolz..dafaq ??..its "Apple" which decided to campaign their mac as "not PC" and create a brand of itself..They did that by those "Get a mac" ads few years ago if you remember..Microsoft retaliated by "I am a PC" campaign..

  4. That's not true, you can actually use CMD to connect to Firefox's easily accessible FTP where the latest version of Firefox is always available.

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