[#CDLD.NL] NEW VID► #1 Install Windows on dedicated server from Hetzner 2020 | Easy/Simple way | RDP

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2 Methods for installing Windows on a dedicated server from Hetzner:
► 1: Via ‘3 hour support’ and KVM on the Hetzner support button
(Easy 5/5, Simple 5/5, takes about 2 hours)
► 2: Via ‘rescue system’
(Easy 3/5, Simple 3/5, takes about 1 hour)

0:00 intro
0:14 Method 1 via KVM
3:44 Method 2 via Putty and VNC


► ► ► More details will be here soon in the comments!!! ◄ ◄ ◄

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27 thoughts on “[#CDLD.NL] NEW VID► #1 Install Windows on dedicated server from Hetzner 2020 | Easy/Simple way | RDP

  1. How can i delete the old OS on hetzner? I'm having a lot of problems, i was able to install everything like you did but the first time i had 9GB ram instead of 64, i was able to fix it but right now i can't connect with remote desktop connection for some reasons…and i need to redo the whole process everytime 🙁

  2. after this i cant connect to vnc it accpet the command but from VNC its not accessible. IP is fine but cant access it with vnc.. Any help?

    /tmp/qemu-system-x86_64 -net nic -net user,hostfwd=tcp::3389-:3389 -m 10000M -localtime -enable-kvm -cpu core2duo,+nx -smp 2 -usbdevice tablet -k en-us -cdrom /tmp/17763.737.190906-2324.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVER_EVAL_x64FRE_en-us_1.iso -hda /dev/sda -vnc :1 -boot d

  3. @CampDrive This is my third dedicated server that I'm installing Windows Server 2019 on and without issues. I have just bought the EX 42 nvme and I'm installing via KVM. I get to the Windows install part and it states no drives found?!? Any ideas?

  4. What if I have 3 drives, and want to install Windows on my third drive?

    When I reach windows setup it only shows drive 1.. But I can see them all in PuTTY..

  5. @CampDrive I setted everything up and normally I should have 64gb( ax41 ) of ram but in taskmaneger it only shows me 9.8gb ram and if I close vnc I cant connect via remote desktop and I dont have the Ctrl + Alt + Delete part – please help

  6. Hello! I have an error. Everything works okay in PuTTY, but when I try to connect with VNC Viewer, it says "Timed out waiting for a response from the computer". Could you help please? Thanks!

  7. Hello! I have a couple of questions if that's okay. 1. Do I have to do this every time I want to access my server? 2. After this installation is completely done, how do I reconnect to my server? Thanks!

  8. Hello guys, this guy is geniuenly hiding the disk part, if you have issues like no drives found just download the virtiso image from hetzner. The virtiso image contains raid drivers for the disks. And also if you doing that in vnc, please keep in mind that you have press enter if it says boot from disk or dvd otherwise it will boot to ubuntu or any kinda linux you have installed.

  9. Is there a direct link to windows 10 to use when installing via putty & VNC.
    I tried the KVM but the console displays many errors and .iso doesn't upload..
    If you have a direct link to a windows 10 iso file it'll be great. Thnak you

  10. hetzner support said to me that that due to Microsoft`s licensing terms, it is not allowed to use Windows 10 in a datacenter environment.
    Should we selecet Standart Evalution ?

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