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CarPro PERL Application and Durability. PERL is a Silcon Oxide based coating for rubber, plastic and vinyl trim.
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27 thoughts on “CarPro PERL Application & Durability | Auto Fanatic

  1. I always used Chemical Guys VRP, until I found 303 high shine tyre dressing, it produces that showroom gloss that I like, (for those who like a satin/matte finish, 303 tyre balm would be an alternative), I find that it lasts even after driving through rain multiple times, it is recommended to spray it directly onto the tyre, although I prefer to apply it with an applicator, the end result is the same I find.

  2. It should have been called PEARL Plastics Engine Armrest Rubber Leather lol
    I really want to buy this for everything including my tyres but I'm concerned about the durability in the rain as it's water based (I'm from the UK).
    Please convince me I'm wrong so that I can spend some money!!!

  3. COOL. i never knew using mineral spirit can help clean tires better. before this i just scrub with brush but this mineral spirit can remove old tire dressing, thanks for the video

  4. Perl also washes off easy. 303 tire shine better.
    Junk = oil and wax designed into tire for sidewall protection. You are stripping the tires built in protection.

  5. Hey BTW, thanks to Pan, I will be trying your wheel cleaner this weekend. Fingers crossed. I hope it out performs the SuperClean.

  6. I use it 50/50 on a full size 8ft bed tonneau cover and it lasts! It is my go to for plastic on bed rails of the truck and tailgate as well. Great stuff.

  7. PERL 1:1 on tires is the best dressing I've ever used. I love it 1:5 on my interior plastics too. CarPro make nothing but quality products. Super impressed by them, especially their Ceramic Coatings like C-Quartz UK

  8. WOw you forgot to do the inner part of the tyer ,the part which has the sidewall rim protection or wheel protection, lol 🙂 Use a small brush mini version so you can get into those side wall wheel protection areas, lol 🙂 Or a cotton ear bud would be a prefect size for that i do,when i get too OCD about wheel dressing my own car, lol 🙂

  9. Perl is the best interior dressing iv used. Its amazing on the leather. Its way better then silk shine and vrp. Iv used it for tire dressing but i like mine very glossy. Its taken me years for find the interior product and this is the ill use for the rest of my life. I bought a liter 2 years ago and iv used the shit out of it but still have 1/4 left. $25 for a liter is more then worth it.

  10. For your views, here is how I apply a tire dressing. As you mentioned, preparation is key, if your tire is not clean, dressing will not last. Step 1 – Clean tire with mineral spirits (as you mentioned) Step 2 – clean tire, wheel & wheel well with Eagle One Black Pasti Coat ( also used to chemical decon. a car, very reasonable price), step 3 clean tire with Meguiars non acid wheel cleaner. Step 4 Clean tire & wheels with Super Clean, diluted 1:4 or 1:1. If you still get browning, repeat step 4. Step 5 Apply tire dressing (PERL), 1 or two coats, waiting 30 minutes between coats. The following steps, I performed if the tire has never been deep cleaned before. If your tire has been deep cleaned, go to step 4. Super Clean is very reasonably priced & available at Walmart. PERL will last for several weeks, if tire is properly prepared. Thanks Auto Fanatic for your videos…

  11. Assume you are using a clear mineral spirit fluid vs the milky version? I live in CT and I cannot find Jasco which looks like a clear fluid. The milky white versions leave an oily residue. Any other options?

  12. 30 bucks? Holy crap 😄 I just bought a bottle too, same size (in Europe though) – came with no charge for the shipping (because I bought other stuff in the shop too) and I paid the equivalent of about USD13 for the bottle.

  13. Used 1:3 ratio of the Perl for my tires ( even though the recommended ratio is 1:1)and it works well and last long. Gr8 product, and pretty expensive, but has multiple use! I used that ratio because evrytime i clean my car i like to use it on my tire, so 1:3 gives me more use for the bucks. No woman detailers here??

  14. I use it 1:1 on tires and 1:3 on engine bay. don't use it on the rubbers of your car since you won't get it of very well. use for your rubbers wolf's nano coating

  15. Thank you for the information on using The odorless mineral spirits to clean the side walls of the tires. I never knew that. Thank you for that I will be going to Home Depot and buying song. Thank you for the awesome’s information again and keep those great work in these great videos comments I really like your channel thank you.

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